十二分装饰 | 田艾灵自宅 · 家是自由生长
风格 混搭
万物生长 | Growing Season


Art decorates the space in the home, and the life and experience in the home have become the inspiration to feed back art. Everything is still unfinished. Fill it with your own creation and thinking, enrich it, and reshape it. Everything here is like a burning fire of life, which will never go out and live forever!

项目地址 | 金辉城•耀江府
项目面积 | 600㎡
项目风格 | 雅质主义
全案设计 | 田艾灵
项目施工 | 十二分装饰
软陈家具饰品 | 桓墅空间艺术设计机构
固定家具 | 舍可舍定制
基础用材 | 干粉砂浆质感漆、石材、自然纹理砖(芒果)、水泥质感砖(冠军)、木地板上顶及地面(维特鲁威)、舒适系统(达沃)、壁炉(伊凡)、巴赫照明 进口卫浴、电渗透防水 瑞典全进口瑞特科电梯、良木道门窗、定制大门煜鑫隆诚金属、铁艺、艺术品
· 户型图

负二楼层采光相对弱一些,把先生需要的长箭道馆与健身区融合在负二楼,每天晨起或晚间射几把箭、撸几把铁,健康生活,快乐工作。The lighting on the negative floor is relatively weak, so the long arrow hall and fitness area needed by your husband are integrated on the negative second floor, and several arrows and irons are shot every morning or evening, so that you can live a healthy life and work happily.

The negative floor is planned as guest room, aunt's room, audio-visual area reserved for parents and professional closed home theater.

· 负二楼
The long and transparent arrow path, the ornamental sofa, the natural wooden roof and the pure white dry-powder mortar wall surface flow quietly and restrained on the ground with quicksand texture (electro-osmosis combined with fresh air dehumidification ensures the dryness and comfort of the space).
At the entrance, the desert white breathable shoe cabinet is matched with the porch platform of Stone Natural Base, and the new home gift drawn by the high school teacher ...
The bird of paradise transplanted from the previous home, which is as high as 4 meters, continues to grow on the patio and crosses the second floor, becoming the guardian of the new home. Enter the space, because it is lively, changeable and incessant, which makes the space full of life. Home doesn't need gorgeous ornaments, everything is the past, and everything is the preface.
Natural rough target wall, where the male host often shows off his bull's-eye. Integrate family hobbies into space design, archery area and fitness area, and realize each other in space to meet the family's fitness needs.
· 负一楼
Come to the TV hall on the first floor. This floor is a TV hall reserved for parents and family members, and a professional home theater to meet the needs of couples watching movies at home.
The sofa with the texture of lying and sitting, matched with the natural tree root coffee table echoing the porch on the second floor, is closed with plexiglass and exquisite single chair, and is melted into the natural sand white wooden roof and the pure white space running through it. A little guy is living his comfortable life.
· 一楼
Open a window on the closed original wall, connect indoor and outdoor, and let the sunlight spill in naturally. Cotton and linen window screens, thick and soft sofas, deliberately pickling old natural stones, real fire fireplaces, handmade rough pottery-like desk lamps, and unlit real fire fireplaces … all seem to be quietly waiting for the busy master to unload his fatigue here.
The living room space focuses on an interpretation like a close-up. It is hazy and poetic, broad and quiet about home. Here, life can be fully extended.
It precipitates the state that time overlaps with each other, and faces abundant emotions-gentleness and strength, which have inner resonance with the host's mind. From this real and light connection, I feel the sensibility and rationality of "home" in detail.
All kinds of articles which are full of charm and have modern aesthetics and functionality, and have time to settle down at the same time, are properly placed everywhere with traces of measuring the footsteps of the world. Although they are different in age, material and color, they are easy to be ignored, but they are all the owners who are most willing to pay the cost.
Inadvertently, the garden outside the window flows with the aura of the restaurant. Being in it, with the help of nature, leads the spirit out of the heart, and quickly builds a shared intimacy between people. Perhaps, "living well" is such a state.
In the morning, birdsong is an alarm clock, and the breath of plants exhaling wakes us up ... When we return home late, we can get rid of the tiredness of a day surrounded by family and the excitement of cats and dogs.
The objects in the home condense the memory of companionship, and the journey brings back its process story, high bookshelf, real fire fireplace, arrow path and gym ... The home is also a personal favorite storage place ...
Home doesn't need gorgeous ornaments, everything is the past, everything is the preface, to be continued ...

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