集间设计 | 矩阵 · 320㎡台式极简
户型:别墅 面积:320m²
花费:50万以上 位置:成都市
集间设计 | 矩阵 · 320㎡台式极简
We often talk about design beauty, about life, about living, and about spirit. Study its external structure, proportions, materials, lighting, and study its interior in line with the living habits, aesthetic taste, and spiritual field of the occupants. Abandon the cumbersome decoration and messy colors, let the collocation free and simple tone serve the home life. This house is the second suite of an old client. The male owner is a game designer who works from home most of the time. The female owner is a business elite, with a son, a daughter, and an old man for three generations. Understand the desires of occupants for home living and recreation, and create an environment that enables this lifestyle...
· 户型图
◾楼梯间封闭, 视野拥堵。
· 客厅
The half-height lockers at the entrance and entrance keep the space breathing. The living room is based on stone and wood veneer as a whole, abandoning ornate furnishings to create a textured yet warm atmosphere. Clean lines and low-saturation tones create a calm, livable style.
The marble TV wall enhances the texture of the entire space. In the design of the TV wall, there are seams and divisions to make the whole wall more delicate. The steel plate staircase is no longer a "burden" of the space, but an important element that highlights the temperament of the space. The remodeled staircase is cleverly integrated into the living room like decorations.
The balcony cabinet is to balance the relationship between the load-bearing wall of the balcony, and the open grid extends the vision of the TV wall. The material reflects the texture of space.
The sofa chooses a light color, and through the harmony of materials and colors, it creates a sense of order and beauty. The design of no main light creates a multi-scene lighting atmosphere, the top surface is designed with two recesses, and the side wood veneer adds layers to enhance the space texture.
· 餐厅
The combination of dining table and island in the restaurant generates different life scenes, and the black slate island is calm and atmospheric.
Western kitchens share kitchen functions while satisfying a variety of lifestyles. Superfluous items are not visible on the surface, but they are ingeniously hidden in the design. The storage space in the space is invisible and neat. The hollow design in the middle of the sideboard extends the vision and outlines the space level. The beauty of the collision of materials and the interlaced structure. The customized wooden one-piece long dining table fully meets the functions of the restaurant and allows the space to be visually extended. The groove on the top perfectly hides the chandelier lamp holder, and the black extended air vent conforms to the minimalist temperament of the entire space.
· 茶室
A tea table area is set up in the balcony area, which seems to be separated from each other, providing space for the occupants to stretch. It couldn't be better to capture the changes in sunlight at this location.
· 厨房
The double sliding doors of the upper track kitchen allow the kitchen to have a wide view, and the dark cabinets and gray bricks create a calm and textured atmosphere.
· 楼梯间
The staircase is a special existence in the space. As a functional component of the vertical circulation, it is also the focus of the design. It breaks the traditional concept and designs a suspended and hollow staircase structure, using steel plate handrails + solid wood hollow steps, which are visually stretched, light and transparent, and the starting point The interspersed and reconstructed design of the platform and the steel and wood stairs enrich the visual sense and increase the sense of ritual in the space.
The wood veneer on the wall extends from the stairwell to the family room on the second floor. The black steel plate handrails are interspersed in the wood veneer, and the collision of different materials realizes a dialogue under the light, tough and gentle, rational and sensual. Going up the stairs, the interweaving of wood and white reveals a gentle texture, indicating a gradual change in the mood of the space.
· 家庭室
The public space on the second floor blurs the aisle boundaries to set up open grid bookcases and decks as family parent-child activity areas. Reading, games, sharing... accept the architectural structure of the space itself with an inclusive attitude, and the top surface is combined with the original beams to make an arc. The design, combined with the wood veneer, creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere.
· 男孩房
The space-themed boys' room embraces the Milky Way.
· 女孩房
Soft tones and lines create a warm girl's room and feel the temperature and kindness of life.
· 主卧
The wood veneer is combined with the hollow cabinet to form the correspondence and association of the volume, which enhances the visual beauty. The cabinet also functions as a dressing table.
The top surface of the bedroom follows the design of no main lights, and the combination of point light sources and light strips creates a warm lighting atmosphere. The interspersed design in addition to the storage function of the entrance porch cabinet, the gap is continuous, and the microscopic world of the gap makes the space feel breathable and forms a line of sight wandering. The wall chooses fabric hard bag and wood veneer to create a warm atmosphere.
· 主卫
The main bathroom is separated from the warm light source, the simple and elegant colors, and the function and beauty are taken into account.
· 电梯厅
Elevator rooms are provided with alcoves. The locker has both the function of partition and storage.